Secret potion

If you ask me about love , relationships or do you like someone , i really do not know what to give you as an answear . Love has always been an image for me since the last and only time . Now , i find myself trapped in a game that i do not specifically like . it has been a while now that it stoped , no special reason to be honest . but now i know that i moved on with my life and i’ve done so much and he did too . but he is still here , i still see him and talk to him . even tho i knew other guys and he definetly have alot of fans . the secret is , that little look that nobody notice besides you and him , that little something that says we are still attracted to each other but it is not enough . it was never enough . i am not the girl for him and he is not the guy for me , i guess . i know that  i intimidate him somehow and he likes spending time talking to me because at some point i was kind of special for a while . but as i said it wasn’t enough . it is sad actually , to know that you are not enough for someone . the scenario here doesnt say such a thing  but i feel this way and i hate it . and now i will do anything to make him say or prove that he likes me back . the truth is this feeling , this connection stops me for being myself and lookin for someone who really deserves me And ,i need to feel that i need to beleive that . it is time now to find that special someone that can understand you and that you can build your memories and adventures together . 🙂


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