don’t mind that crossing though !

is it okay if i consestantly think about him ? after all this time is it true feelings or just an empty hole . i know that i mean something to him ive always been and always be that special someone that he once knew but it is not enough to get the big experience to live the whole adventure . it is not enough to love me . i guess the tiing was bad or we just dont mach and im too stubborn to face it . i need someone better and more matchable for me . i need someone that is for me not someone that i like a little bit and try hard to change myself to make me matchable . that is like the worst thing that i do to myself everytime and that is why i always end up by being the one who gets hurt .i have to love myself . i love myself and i wanna set goals and dreams and share them with someone 🙂 it is not alot to ask i guess . anyway i know it will come someoday and it is gonna be a fucking awesome person that i will love so much and that he will be soo in love with me the whole life . and he will have blu eyes :3 XOXO1654093_840738175952406_844996412_n


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