long time no see

hey , it feels like ages i did not come here , to be honest i forgot about it but now i realize that it has been my diary for a while and as today i am feeling like crap i figured to write down something here . Well , i really need time for myself i guess .. i ‘vnt been doing much for myself lately u. i’ve been seeing friends , family , studying but not doing much for me . well at least the only thing that i love is watching youtube videos , and reading harry potter these days but it has been taken away from me what i mean is that pewdipie decided to take a break and i felt so damn empty , i know that it sounds ridiculos but i am used to it now it is part of me , my ritual . So now i need to find something to do for myself . i also feel donw because i m stressed out and afraid as always about study and courses and exams but i know at the same time that im gonna do my best . the thing that scraes me the most about life at this point is my decisions ; is the fact that i am making the right decisins or not . that drives me crazy man .anyway , i dnt know how i feel anymore , i kind force myself sometimes to feel things or not to feel things and i hate it. i would like to find myself more . that’s it , so i guess i need more time for myself and to think about what i really want .


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